Secret Boudoir

My secret room for all things sensual

About Me

I am, as ever, hesitant to reveal all that much, except in private. And I certainly welcome correspondence via tumblr ‘ask’. But at the very least, I will say that I am a social scientist, a passionate lover of art and music, an herbalist and avid potion-maker. I subscribe to local theater, ballet and opera and enjoy as much live performance and music as I can squeeze into my very busy life. I adore excellent food, favoring the local, organic variety, and I do garden, though I live in an urban environment.

Tumblr is, for me, an enjoyable outlet, a time to savor the visual in all aspects, but in this arena, most often those forms encompass the erotic. I love to enjoy a precious evening by myself perusing delicious imagery with a glass of good wine or a fine single malt whiskey, listening to favorite music in candlelight. I am a Taurus. I am a Sensualist. I love to write. I love to read. I love to draw and paint and create. I enjoy life.